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Punta Cana is located in the east of theDominican Republic, in the province of La Altagracia. This part of the country is home to many of the special Cana palm tree species after which the city is named. This place has also grown thanks to its enormous tourist value. The beaches are the biggest attraction for holidaymakers from all over the world. The many palm trees along the coast give the city a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

In Punta Cana there are actually only hotels, palm trees and a beautiful beach. Most hotels are very luxurious and the ideal place for tourists who really want to be pampered. Despite the fact that there is no large city in the vicinity, you can still have a great time with the many facilities, activities and excursion options offered by the hotels.

The reason why most people come here is of course the white beach under the palm trees and the crystal clear water. Sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts can certainly indulge themselves in Punta Cana. The beautiful Bavaro/Arena Gorda beach is ideal for a romantic beach walk. The locals are happy to welcome you to the nice souvenir shops along this beach.

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic): information & travel (2)'The white beaches and palm trees with luxury hotels make Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic a wonderful seaside resort. O.a. the boat trip to Sanoa island is highly recommended! We went by speedboat to an uninhabited island and then visited a typical Dominican village for a lunch of fresh lobster. Then we anchored on a sandbank in the middle of the sea. I stood up to my waist in crystal clear water with huge starfish on the seabed. A very special experience!', Sandra - reisexpert Punta Canafree travel proposal >>

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Places near Punta Cana (Dominican Republic):

  • Santo Domingo(159 km)
  • San Cristobal(178 km)
  • cabaret(241 km)
  • Sosúa(251 km)
  • Puerto Plata(270 km)
  • Golden Beach(6384 km)
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    Below you will find the most famous sights of Punta Cana

    ChocoPunta Cana Museum (Punta Cana)

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    In the ChocoMuseo you can become acquainted with the delicious product chocolate. This museum has several locations in Central America, including Granada, Nicaragua, Cusco and Lima in Peru and in Antigua, Guatemala. In Punta Cana, the museum is located on the same grounds as Don Lucas' cigar factory in Bávaro. Learn all about the cocoa tree and its ecosystem and cocoa as a healthy superfood. You can also follow various chocolate workshops.

    Manati Park (Punta Cana)

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    Many descendants of the very first inhabitants of the Dominican Republic are still living in Punta Cana. Are you really curious about Indian culture? Then go to Manatí Park, where a lifelike village of the Taíno Indians has been recreated. Dance shows are also given in this recreated village, showing the traditional dance of the Taíno Indians. In addition to the dance shows in the village, animal shows are also given in the park. The theme park has beautiful gardens with rich flora and fauna. For a truly unique experience, you can also swim with dolphins.

    Scape Park Cap Cana (Punta Cana)

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    Do you like adventure and a big adrenaline rush? Then visit the Scape Park Cap Cana. You can do all kinds of exciting activities in this adventurous park. For example, you can go ziplining, where you move from treetop to treetop using a pulley via a cable. You can also dive, snorkel, catamaran sail, horse ride along the beach or drive off-road in a buggy. This is not all, you can also go kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding and fishing. You can also discover the lagoons and caves there. There is something to do for young and old at Scape Park Cap Cana.

    You can also do allsights of Dominican Republicto look at.


    Punta Cana has its own international airport. There are virtually no direct flights from the Netherlands, so a stopover in Paris, Frankfurt or London is difficult to avoid. Yet this airport is the main arrival point in the country for tourists visiting the beautiful coasts of the Dominican Republic.

    Punta Cana is a fairly remote place. There aren't many larger places in the area and the nearest town is Higüey, which is about an hour away. You can get to Higúey from Punta Cana by public transport.


    Before the arrival of Columbus in 1492, Taíno Indians lived in the Dominican Republic. When the Spaniards landed here under the leadership of Columbus and his brother, conflicts arose between the two peoples. The battle was eventually won by the Spanish when the Indian chief was killed in the battle. His wife was baptized and married a high-ranking colonist. For a long time, Punta Cana remained of great value to the Spaniards, but because the place suffered from natural disasters, this decreased after the golden age.

    In 1969 Punta Cana was discovered again, but this time as a suitable holiday resort. A group of investors decided to develop tourist facilities in this beautiful area. It turned out to be a formula for success. The first really large hotel was built in 1978, after which more and more followed. The group of investors still work together to put Punta Cana on the map, although they now focus more on preserving the beautiful nature.


    The climate of Punta Cana is a striking example of a tropical savannah climate. Temperatures are high all year round. It is dry and warm for most of the year, ideal for a sun holiday. In May, June and September to November there is a rainy period in which there are heavy downpours. The chance of hurricanes is a lot less than in the west of the country, but tropical storms can also occur in Punta Cana.

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    RIU Republica in Punta Cana

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    Sunscape Dominican Beach Punta Cana

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    Top 5 excursions Punta Cana

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    Diving in the Punta Cana area

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    Punta Cana (Dominican Republic): information & travel (2024)


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